Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my miners go down?
We have a technician on-site to perform routine maintenance and resets at no cost. For in-depth maintenance like part replacement (PSUs, fans etc), or if it is a recurring issue, we'd ask how you'd like us to handle it. Typically, we'd do the work and bill you for the cost of the repair.
Do you provide security?
We take security extremely seriously and provide monitored security tied to local law-enforcement, video surveillance, barbed-wire fencing, and reinforced steel doors/entry points. We have a 3 pronged philosophy for security: thorough preventative measures, managed monitoring and systems, and strong relationships with local law enforcement.
Is the deposit refundable?
No, but it can be applied as credit for cost of final month of hosting if desired.
Will your team help us setup the wallet and join the pool?
Once you sign up, and as our go-live date approaches, we'd send you instructions to get started. At that point, you'd give us your pool username, and we'd configure your rigs to point to that pool. From there, you'd be able to monitor hashing and control the wallet for distributing BTC.
Am I covered in the case of theft, fire or other catastrophe?
We don't currently cover the cost of insuring your miners. We can share insurance providers we are working with to get you coverage.
What are the contract terms?
We offer 36 month contracts with 1st month payment and 1 month's deposit up front. Please see our colocation agreement for more details
Do you use containers or a warehouse?
Our site includes a 3000+ sqft warehouse and fenced area. For phase 1 (3 MW power capacity), we are using a custom built data center from EZ Blockchain which will be housed onsite adjacent to our warehouse within a fenced, secure area.
What is the uptime for my miners going to be?
Uptime should be 95-100% on new miners. 
Where are you located and can I visit the site?
Our facility is located just outside Abilene, Texas, which is about 4 hours west/southwest of Dallas. We'd be happy to give a tour with advance scheduling.
Are there any other fees?
There are no other fees other than monthly $/KwH and initial setup fee per miner.
How do you maintain a clean internal environment in the containers?
We utilize a 3-stage filtration process made up of screens, louvers and heavy-duty filters with routine cleaning and maintenance.
Can I add more miners?
It depends on if we have availability - if we do, then we will give existing customers first dibs on the space.
Do the miners I buy through Bolt come with a warranty?
Yes, they come with a factory warranty from the manufacturer. The warranty on these should cover most repairs but it is issued by the manufacturer and not Bolt. As with all physical equipment, nothing works 100% of the time.
Do you accept BTC, USDC as payment options?
We accept this for the initial payment with a 1% additional fee for conversion, and accept wire transfer with no fees. We only accept ACH and Wire for monthly payments
What is the average temperature in Abilene, Texas?
Summers are in the high 80s and 90s, and winters are moderate with temperatures in the 30s and 40s typically. Our facility is fully climate controlled and tailor-made for mining.
What happens after the 36 month contract expires?
We give you the right to extend another 12 months and may adjust the rate up or down depending on our cost of power at the time.
What type of internet connectivity do you offer?
How long will my new equipment last?
New miners should have a useful life of at least 3-4 yrs. We have had old generation Antminer s9s that have been operating for 5-6 years and are still profitable.