Bitcoin mining
Bitcoin mining

Making Bitcoin Mining Accessible for Everyone

We are reducing barriers to entry into the bitcoin mining space for small to medium sized miner owners by offering a colocation service subscription model

Bitcoin Mining Shield
Bitcoin Mining Shield

Complete end-to-end colocation solution

We want to reduce high costs and uncertainty for retail miners (like us) to participate in the bitcoin ecosystem. To fulfill on that promise, we sell new ASIC miners and offer reliable hosting service with transparent pricing

Blockchain Mining

Scalable with Instant Hashing

We are offering turnkey services for buyers to start mining as soon as they checkout

Blockchain Mining

Reliable, Secure & Retail Focused

We want retail miners to be successful - your success is our only aim.

Bitcoin Hammer

Aligned Incentives &  Goals

We leverage sustainable energy sources to maintain affordable electricity to keep mining profitable.

Bitcoin Mining Shield
Antminer S19

Our Powerhouse

The Antminer S19 Series is the latest generation of ASIC miners that are designed with advanced technology, improving efficiency and ensuring long-term operations for future mining.

Antminer S19 Pro
Blockchain Block

Reliable Team with a Robust Infrastructure

We are a group of experienced BTC mining operators and advisors offering a premium co-location service to retail clients who value integrity, reliability, and professionalism. Combining backgrounds in technology and finance with colocation industry expertise, we seek to deliver a superior customer experience.

Our Partners

Luxor Tech Mining Pool

Premier US-based mining pool with best-in-class technical and platform offerings for retail miners. We work with Luxor as our mining pool provider.

Luxor Tech Mining Pool

ASIC Jungle is a leading player in the mining hardware space with its brokerage and marketplace services. Founded in 2020, ASIC Jungle quickly became one of the largest players in the hardware procurement space, and we're proud to partner with them as a best-in-class procurement partner.

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